@cunycommons: building for local communities and the larger free software movement

20:50 : Luke Waltzer and Matt Gold / @lwaltzer and @mkgold

Launched in 2009, the @CUNYCommons has been built in dialogue with faculty, students & staff @CUNY. We will discuss how we connect community, support research & teaching, & contribute to WordPress/BuddyPress through the release of our plugins, code, and @cbox.

1/ Thanks so much to @nlafferty & @patlockley @pressedconference for hosting and wrangling us, and thank you to all of the fantastic, inspiring presentations thus far.
@mkgold and I are here to talk about @cunycommons.

(art by @ryanseslow)


2/ The @cunycommons has been built since 2009 for and with the students, faculty, and staff of the vast @CUNY system. 24 campuses across five boroughs serving 270k+ students, connected via the Commons. @lwaltzer and I are excited to tell #pressedconf18 more about it.


3/ The @cunycommons starts with people. Here’s our team: https://commons.gc.cuny.edu/about/project-staff/. The subcommittee who guides us includes @shawntadeshawn @georgeotte @jrrnyc @katinalynn @mauraweb @lisabrundage @ryanseslow @kbjosephs @megwacha @jenpoggiali #pressedconf18


4/ The @cunycommons serves many purposes: committees use @buddypress groups to collaborate; programs use @WordPress sites to share their work; and faculty across the system build out profiles and run course sites on the network #pressedconf18


5/ Any class at @CUNY can be taught using the @cunycommons, which provides a robust, open space in which students and faculty can work together in public and in private, building out and connecting their work to the city along the way. #pressedconf18


6/ Here’s @HunterCollege’s @jballred’s course site for “Blackness and Inscription” — https://inscription.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ — and the role-playing game he and his students made using the plugin “Ivanhoe,” made by @scholarslab https://talkingbook.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ #pressedconf18


7/ Here’s @LehmanCollege’s @janette_tilley’s course site for Music Since 1945 — https://msh334spring2017.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ — where students listened, read, and attended live musical performances in New York, blogging (in public and private) the whole time. #pressedconf18


8/ The @cunycommons supports scholarship, including hosting the journals — and their editorial processes — listed here: https://commons.gc.cuny.edu/about/publications/ #pressedconf18


9/ See also the *amazing* New York Slavery Records Index, developed by colleagues @JohnJayCollege, where visitors can search more than 35k records of slavery within New York State from 1525 through the Civil War https://nyslavery.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ #pressedconf18


10/ The @cunycommons also supports and facilitates academic service. Dozens of committees, departments, programs, and initiatives connect with their members and their publics using our tools. #pressedconf18


11/ For instance, @CUNY’s Committee on Academic Technology, chaired by @georgeotte since 2007, draws two reps from each @CUNY campus and meets monthly. All minutes, proceedings, and conversations are managed and archived on @cunycommons. #pressedconf18


12/ We also run our several of our own projects @GCTLC and @CUNYGCDI on @CUNYCommons. See cuny.is/gcdi cuny.is/teaching and cuny.is/tcuny-handbook (linked via our custom URL shortener) #pressedconf18


13/ The @cunycommons connects @CUNY with the city, supporting impactful projects such as https://justpublics365.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ and @CUNYGames. We also provide a platform for our most important and yummy community: #CUNYPie http://cunypie.commons.gc.cuny.edu/ #pressedconf18


14/ The @cunycommons dev team, led by @boone & @ray_i_am, actively shares our code. Our plugins have been downloaded 1000s of times https://profiles.wordpress.org/cuny-academic-commons & our code has been integrated into @wordpress & @buddypress, reaching millions #pressedconf18


15/ Upcoming development will focus on making @cunycommons more robust space for working with/iterating #OER & deeper integration with tools like @hypothes_is @ManifoldScholar, all to better serve the students, faculty, and staff of @CUNY. (And eating more pizza). #pressedconf18


16/ If you’re interested in developing a Commons space for your own community? Check out our @cbox project — and, later this year, the CBOX OpenLab — to find out more. #pressedconf18


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